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What's New:

These are the latest pictures, we can now stay in our house.  From first purchase of the property through design and construction it has taken a little over two and a half years. The house is finally almost done just the small stuff left for the contractor, then we have to go to work on it.

House 01/06/07, More complete, view from neighbors house, now have weather vane, rooster points to windward.

Sunset in the fall

House 11/11/06

Back View:

Corner Post of the property, out in the Meadow group shot, Ma, Melissa, Marianne, Vern, myself and Pa -)  Photo courtesy of CW Tripp.

Rose's mother went home to heaven on 6/4/06, she lived 85 full and productive years.  The following is a Memorial Bench we have set up on the property for her mothers memory.  It is set between a newly planted sequoia redwood and ponderosa pine.


Historical Overview:

The following are pictures of the evolution of the building of our house in the Sierra Nevada mountains outside of Oakhurst. 

Below  is a view of the original LOT; it is 2.99 acres with about 3/4 acre PAD,  It's in the early spring April 2004.

Below is what LOT/PAD looked like originally in the Spring when we purchased it.  This is from the back of the LOT.


O.K. The Plans and drawings took about a year from when the LOT was purchased; Then they were in approval and review from Madera from April till August 2005; below is shortly after ground breaking Sept 2005 when we had the foundation complete.

Snowed on the night of 03/03/06.  That Saturday, no one was going to Store without a 4 wheel drive or chains.

Then the snow melts and we have mud -)

Then on the first day of Spring 03/20/06 it started snowing again.

The next two pictures are about the same view from the back side and what it looked like in December 2005 and Jan 2006.

Below the view in Jan 5th 2006.