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This page describes some of my interests and links to locations that I find interesting.  This page is still under construction, so please be patient.

Electronic Design: - This is a site that I think is way cool, it has pointers on how to get the source code for a "verilog" hardware simulator.  The "iverilog" simulator could be to electronic hardware design what the gnu "gcc" c++ compiler has been to the software community.  It just keeps getting better all of the time.

Musical Interests: 

I have played guitar for fun for quite a while now and I enjoy many different types of music from blues, rock, country, to  blue grass.  I don't really consider myself a blue grass player, but I try on occasion. Here are several links that I think are interesting.

bulletThe Fifth String  - This is one of my favorite music stores, it's owned by some friends of mine up in Sacramento.  They specialize in acoustic stringed  instruments, and always have something interesting going on.  
bulletGyphon Stringed Instruments - Great acoustic music store in the Palo Alto area.  Good for guitar, mandolin repair. 
bulletSouth Bay Folks  - This site has information about grass roots music happening around the south bay, such as open mikes and picking parties.


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